Occupation: Imam and a quran reciter
Age: 26


Mostafa Samir Ahmed Al-Sawy

Mostafa Al-Sawy was killed on his birthday, the 28th of January, with rubber bullets shot by the Egyptian police on the peaceful protesters during the Friday of Rage. He was one of the hundreds that were killed that day.

Mostafa was an Imam at Al-Hosary Mosque. He taught dozens of kids to memorize the Qur’an in Al-Agouza, where he resided, and where he also used to perform as an Imam for prayers as well as in other mosques in different areas.

His story is told by Mohamed Abdel Razek, his sister’s husband, his friend, and his mentor: “Mostafa was someone who had memorized the whole Qur’an. He was an Imam for people’s prayers during Ramadan and other months. He used to sing with his wonderful voice religious songs. He was very organized and he set goals from himself and achieved them. In high schoolmastering, the English language was very challenging, but he soon learned it and eventually enrolled in training courses at the American university where he came in at 11 out of 13.”

Abdel Razek had added that Mostafa received offers to record and sell songs because of his beautiful voice, but he refused. His family assumed it was because he didn’t want to benefit off his voice, but they later came to learn that it was because he didn’t like fame—he felt no need for it. In fact, worldly matters, in general, were not often a concern of his. He was content with just the essentials, his room only had his bed and bookshelves, without a carpet, decorations, or aesthetic objects. Mostafa was always smiling at everyone and he would face problems with extreme simplicity.

His mother talks about the last night he spent with them: “He stayed up with us on Thursday until Fajr Prayer. We performed the prayer and afterward, I had told him to go to sleep as he’d been exhausted today. Don’t go to the protests.’ He hurriedly replied: ‘Of course I’m going! I’m going t be a martyr tomorrow if Allah wills!’” The next day, he woke up and rushed to prayer. Then to the protest near Kasr Al-Nil Bridge where he had died.

The forensics report stated Mohamed’s death was 25 gunshot wounds to the chest.

Even more appalling was the criminal attitude of police officers who didn’t spare even his funeral. After the shrouding procedures as the mourners exited behind the shroud, walking on foot while the number of mourners increased, the police officers attacked the funeral shooting live bullets.