Mostafa El Naggar: another forcible disappearance or extrajudicial killing?

The Egyptian former Parliament member, politician and dentist Mostafa al-Naggar, 38, has been missing for over two months, no one knows the truth behind his disappearance,  but everyone knows that the security forces in Egypt has been behind almost every forcible disappearance happened in Egypt.

Egyptian authorities didn’t investigate the disappearance, no efforts have been paid to help find him, but friends and supporters of the ex-parliamentarian and activist have started an online campaign.

al-Naggar,was due in court the in October to appeal a conviction for “insulting the judiciary”

Islam Lotfy told the london based Middle East Eye that he fears Naggar may have been shot dead by border guards while trying to leave the country, lotfy added that the MP had been planning to leave Egypt through its southern border with Sudan with the help of smugglers in September.

No one know if al-Naggar was arrested, fled, or was killed on the border, however except of official statement issued by the Egyptian authorities states that al-Naggar is not in custody and the authorities have no knowledge of his whereabouts, no official investigation has been opened into Naggar’s disappearance to solicit eyewitness accounts from places he was last seen.