Stories empower and humanize cases, our aim at Killed in Egypt is to honour and remember those who have been victims of extrajudicial killings in Egypt since 2011.



Omar Salah

Occupation: Sweet potato vendor
Age: 13

Abu Obeida Amer bin Jarrah Kamal Nour Aldin

Occupation: University student
Age: 23

Karim Hamdy

Occupation: Lawyer
Age: 28

Magdi Ahmed Mahmoud Mahmoud Rifai

Occupation: Upholsterer
Age: 30

Hussein Taha Hussein Mahmoud

Occupation: Second year student at the Faculty of Law, University of Alexandria
Age: 19

Ahmed Sameer Assem El Senoussi

Occupation: Photojournalist
Age: 25

Shaima Al-Sabbagh

Occupation: Poet, human rights activist, wife and mother
Age: 31

Mohamed Mostafa (Karika)

Occupation: Student, tennis player and swimmer in the national team
Age: 19

Malek Safwat Abdel rahman Al-Shimi

Occupation: Student
Age: 19

Kareem Khozam

Occupation: Student at the German university in Cairo
Age: 19

Islam Rafat Zainham

Occupation: Worker
Age: 17

Mohamed Meselhy Ibrahim Abdel Dayem

Occupation: Clerk
Age: 40

Mostafa Samir Ahmed Al-Sawy

Occupation: Imam and a quran reciter
Age: 26

Ahmed Khalifa Ahmed Khalifa

Occupation: University student unions
Age: 19

Hayam Abdu Ibrahim Ibrahim

Occupation: Principle and teacher at El-Nozha school
Age: 43

Mohamed Mahrous

Occupation: Architecture
Age: 29

Mohamed Mahrous Rashad Youssef

Occupation: Architect
Age: 29