Stories empower and humanize cases, our aim at Killed in Egypt is to honour and remember those who have been victims of extrajudicial killings in Egypt since 2011.



Abdel Rahman Saeed Mohamed Gouda

Occupation: University graduate
Age: 23

Amr Abdel rahman Mohamed Aly Owais

Occupation: Software engineer and a company owner
Age: 29

Saif Allah Mustafa Musa

Occupation: Student
Age: 16

Shahabuddin Ahmed

Occupation: Student
Age: 21

Sheikh Emad Effat

Occupation: Secretary of fatwa at dar al-ifta
Age: 52

Ahmed Salem Issa Mohammed (Bilal)

Occupation: Student
Age: 10

Habiba Ahmed Abd-Elaziz Ramdan

Occupation: Journalist
Age: 26

Jaber Salah Jaber (Jika)

Occupation: Student and political activist
Age: 17

Rahma Mohsen Ahmed Khudair

Occupation: Student
Age: 22

Mohammed Abbas Hamza Al-Batran

Occupation: Police major general
Age: 56

Karim Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Salaam Banouna

Occupation: Communications engineer
Age: 29

Mohamed Mostafa (Karika)

Occupation: Student, tennis player and swimmer in the national team
Age: 19

Hadeel Adel Suliman

Occupation: Student
Age: 14

Ahmed Mohamed Bassiouni Ibrahim Ghoniem

Occupation: Assistant teacher at the faculty of art
Age: 33

Ahmed Ihab Mohamed Foad Abbas

Occupation: Mechanical engineer
Age: 29

Khaled Mohammed Al Sayed Mohammed Al Wakil

Occupation: Student
Age: 18

Kareem Khozam

Occupation: Student at the German university in Cairo
Age: 19