Stories empower and humanize cases, our aim at Killed in Egypt is to honour and remember those who have been victims of extrajudicial killings in Egypt since 2011.



Ahmed Amer Mahmoud Mustafa

Occupation: a student at the Faculty of Law in the Alexandria University.
Age: 20

Islam Rafat Zainham

Occupation: Worker
Age: 17

Malek Safwat Abdel rahman Al-Shimi

Occupation: Student
Age: 19

Ahmed Sameer Assem El Senoussi

Occupation: Photojournalist
Age: 25

Mina Ibrahim Daniel

Occupation: Student
Age: 20

Anas Mohy Addin

Occupation: Student
Age: 15

Ahmed Abdeen Sharqawi Elmasry

Occupation: Civil servant
Age: 27

Mohamed Abdel Magid Al-Deeb

Occupation: Director and photographer
Age: 27

Abu Bakr Abdul Hakim Atman

Occupation: University student
Age: 18

Alaa Abdel Hady

Occupation: Student on the fifth year at the faculty of medicine
Age: 22

Amr Mohamed Mohamed Kassem

Occupation: Pharmacist
Age: 26

Mohamed Metwally Awad

Occupation: Worker
Age: 33

Mohamed Mahrous Rashad Youssef

Occupation: Architect
Age: 29

Rami El-Sharkawy

Occupation: Graphic designer
Age: 27

Habiba Ahmed Abd-Elaziz Ramdan

Occupation: Journalist
Age: 26

Ahmed Essam Fathi

Occupation: School dropout
Age: 14

Ahmed Salem Issa Mohammed (Bilal)

Occupation: Student
Age: 10

Mohamed Nabil El-Gendi

Occupation: Tour guide
Age: 28